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Teacher Webpages

New to our website are teacher webpages.  Each teacher has created a webpage with information about their classes and curriculum documents.  You can view the webpages by going to the Staff-Directory/Webpages drop down on the main menu and clicking on the Webpage link next to the teachers name and email.  Please be patient with content as we are continuing to update and add to the pages.  We hope that you will find the information and pages as a very benificial tool.

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Middle/High School

We ARE Vestaburg!

Vestaburg Community School is exploring the possibility of a Balanced Calendar for the 2015-2016 school year.  A balanced calender includes the same number of days of school as students currently attend, however, it spreads the days out in a more balanced manner.  Research shows that At-Risk students perform at a much higher level and experience much less “summer slide” or skill loss with a balanced calendar.  A balanced calendar would include a 6 week summer break and 3 two-week breaks throughout the year.  One of the weeks would be used as an Intersession to help students that are struggling.  However, no decision has been made and as a district we want to get feedback from the community and parents.  We ask that you take a few minutes and complete the following survey as we try to gain more data and input.

Balanced Calendar Survey

February/March 2015:

28:  Community Days Euchre Tournament

3:     ACT TEST for Juniors

4:     ACT Work Keys Test for Juniors

6:    Full day of School Snow Day Make-up

9:   Board Meeting

10:  Early Release (1:00 pm)

25:  End of Marking Period


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Reading Now Network: Vestaburg Community Schools has agreed to join and participate in the Reading Now Network designed to increase reading proficiency at the 3rd grade level.   Click here for more information Reading Now Network QA


Bullying Lessons: A guidance lesson was shared in both the 7th and 8th grade toward the end of April and the topic was centered on how to address bullying at school. As part of this lesson, a You Tube video was shown that has a profound message about the impact bullying has on the bullied person. Here is the link to the You Tube video if you would like to view it.

Common Core Articles:


Automated Notification System: Vestaburg Schools are launching a new Automated Notification system that will allow for parents and students to receive updates, reminders, as well as school closing information.  Parent’s please log into your parent portal and make sure your information and phone numbers are correct. When updating your information you can also choose to receive phone calls, text messages, or emails. If you have any questions please contact the office for assistance.


Growth Assessments: Throughout the school year middle and high school students will be taking the N.W.E.A. assessments.  There will be three assessments that students will take annually. While these assessments are not used in grading they are very important as they will give a picture of where the students skills and abilities are, how much growth they are making, and will used to determine what offerings and interventions that we may adopt.

*Reminder that student drop off and pick up is to be done in front of the school building. We need to keep the streets in back of the school clear for the school buses.
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