First Day of School:

As we approach August and we all start getting geared up to come back to school it is important that everyone is reminded that school starts on August 31st. This year many schools state wide have been granted a waiver to start before the Labor Day holiday. This includes 5 of the 7 schools in Montcalm. There are two primary reasons that this makes sense. First, Labor Day is late this year. Second, colleges are still starting at their normal time. This is important in that schools in Montcalm work closely with Montcalm Community College to provide our Early College Programs and our Dual Enrollment classes. Thus, by starting early we are able to stay on a much more aligned calendar. Please note that due to the DALMAC and the Holiday weekend that we will not have school on September 3rd or 4th providing a 5 day break for the holiday. Thanks for your cooperation and see everyone on August 26th for the Open-house.


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Vestaburg Community School is exploring the possibility of a Balanced Calendar for the 2016-2017 school year.  A balanced calender includes the same number of days of school as students currently attend, however, it spreads the days out in a more balanced manner.  Research shows that At-Risk students perform at a much higher level and experience much less “summer slide” or skill loss with a balanced calendar.  A balanced calendar would include a 6 week summer break and 3 two-week breaks throughout the year.  One of the weeks would be used as an Intersession to help students that are struggling.  However, no decision has been made and as a district we want to get feedback from the community and parents.  We ask that you take a few minutes and complete the following survey as we try to gain more data and input.

Balanced Calendar Survey


School of Choice:

Anyone interested in enrolling their child at Vestaburg Community School or our Virtual School please contact us at 989-268-5353.


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Welcome to the new look of Vestaburg Community School, where 21st century learning and community values merge to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow.


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