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Bully Prevention

Vestaburg Community School AGAINST Bullying

We are united in an effort to have our district be a Bully Free Zone.  These are the steps that we are taking to prevent bullying:

-Our entire staff is trained to recognize and deal with bully issues.
-We survey our student body to get a student’s perspective on bullying in our district.
-We have student led safety patrol in the hallways.
-October is Bully Prevention month.  During October we promote anti-bullying in various ways district wide.
-Mrs. Alexander, Counselor meets with all Kindergarten through 8th grade students to discuss bullying.
-Mr. Bloomfield, Counselor meets with all 9th through 12th grade students to discuss bullying.
-Mrs. VanConant, College Advisor meets with seniors to discuss cyber bullying.
-We have have partnered with two school groups to promote a Bully Free Zone:  Cool to Be Kind and The Wellness Team. 
-The district has an updated policy and reporting process (2017).
-Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI) - Department of Attorney General sponsored program.
-OK2SAY - Department of Attorney General sponsored program.
-Second Semester bully prevention “guest speaker”.

*Please see our Vestaburg Community School Student Handbook for our complete bullying policy.