Budget and Salary-Compensation Transparency Reporting


Vestaburg Elementary P.T.O.
Minutes from Tues., Oct. 9, 2012 meeting
Members: Present:
Kari Ash
Mrs. Dickman
Mrs. Marshall
Nicole Gorsuch
Danielle Wright
Kellie Thum
Secretary Report – Minutes from Sept. meeting introduced
President Report – None – Absent
Principal Report – None – Absent
Teacher Report – Mrs. Marshall, disappointed that more do not show to the meetings since we’ve changed times so many times.
Mrs. Marshall suggested P.T.O. members speak to parents while they are waiting to pick up their children from school.
Special Committee’s – Nicole Gorsuch in charge of these.
Old Business:
Teacher Incentives
Bake Sale – Tabled until we speak with Erin Gifford
Sprit Sales $140.00 spent on additional items needed.
Total brought in from spirit sales: $410.000 (updated 10/15/12 – $425.20)
Discussion of other spirit items: Tattoos
(also to be sold in Holiday store) Eye Blacks
(Nicole Gorsuch to check into Poms
display case(s) for spirit items) Megaphones
Spirit Fingers
Discussion about embroidery items for holiday store as well.
Danielle Wright suggested a potluck P.T.O. meeting.
Adjournment: 4:00 p.m.
*The Elementary PTO is a group of parents, guardians, community members, teachers, and administrators that meet once a month during the school year to discuss upcoming events for students in grades Pre-K through 6th. We discuss a variety of topics randing from field trips to educational programs.
*Please join us. We would love to have your input.
*Our goals this year are to increase parental and teacher participation within the Vestaburg Elementry PTO by provididng classroom rewards for participation and increasing visibility in the community.
*Contact Information:
Vestaburg Elementary PTO
7188 Avenue B
Vestaburg, MI 48891
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September 20th meeting minutes
minutes for september mtg.
Vestaburg Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes
Elementary Media Center
November 30, 2011
3:15 pm
Officers present: Sharle Wilmot, Jeanette Vaughn, and Danielle Wright. Members absent: Erin Beatty
1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Treasurer Report – table until January meeting – no urgent changes.
3. Secretary report – Minutes available and emailed as well.
4. Principal report – none
5. Announcement from President Wilmot that this meeting is primarily to set up the holiday store. President Wilmot explained to the children that there is a movie for the younger children to watch and that the older children could help with setting up for the holiday store. It was asked that all adults sign in and fill out incentive tickets. Younger children were told they could earn a ticket for each 15 minutes spent being quiet and setting good examples. Older children would receive an incentive ticket for helping every half hour as would the adults.
6. Announcement from President Wilmot that any ‘old business’ would be tabled for the January meeting. Any urgent ‘new business’ could be discussed for five minutes if necessary at this meeting. No new business presented.
7. Meeting adjourned 3:30 p.m. to begin set up for holiday store.
Elementary Media Center
January 18, 2012 Minutes
Meeting called to order by President, Sharle Wilmot at 3:15.
Absent was Secretary, Erin Beaty, minutes of the past meeting was passed around, discussed and approved. Copies of the treasurer report was passed out and discussed by treasurer, Danielle Wright; she expressed deep concern of working too close to the budget and not having a good cushion to start the next school year before there’s time to have fund raisers.
There was a discussion of receiving “bad checks” at a previous fund raiser. Decision was made to contact the person by phone then by letter to settle the check; also in the future to request/post “cash only” at one day only sales. (not Frankenmuth Funds)
There will be a cotton candy sale March 29th, with preparation being done the day before in an empty elementary classroom. (March 28th at 3:00) Sharle Wilmot will get the materials needed for the candy. Mrs. Weaver will correspond with Mrs. Gates to have the sale listed in the March newsletter.
Mrs. Weaver presented information for camera/projectors to be purchased by the school and if it was possible for P.T.O. to purchase two also; this would make it possible for each elementary class to have a set and those purchases would stay in the elementary school. Motion by Jan Vaughn was made to give Mrs. Weaver permission to order 2 camera/projectors and to turn the invoice in to P.T.O. for payment of $1,560.00 and not to exceed $3,000.00 supported by Tonya Addis and motion voted on and all approved.
The Science Alive in this year’s budget will not be scheduled until next year therefore the allotted money will be used to fulfill the budget this year.
The Band is sponsoring a Mom/Son Night so we will discuss another type of fund raiser, Karen Gostomski suggested other projects such as “Date Night” or “Prom Night for Adults” or “Red Neck Prom”, this will be considered in next year’s events/projects.
All event/fund raising projects for the coming year must be decided and applied for in May.
Bake sales during Mrs. Smith’s Music programs were discussed, motion by Karen Gostomski supported by Mrs. Weaver to give 25% of all proceeds to Mrs. Smith/Elementary music dept. Motion passed therefore $75. will be given to Mrs. Smith from the proceeds of the Christmas bake sale. The next bake sale will be during the elementary spring concert May 16th at 7:00. Information for this will be given to the Up-date and to the elementary monthly newsletter.
Jan Vaughn will make a card to give to Mrs. Smith.
Discussion of selling Spirit items at the Carnival was denied, it was then discussed to inquire with the sports department to get permission to sell spirit items during the basketball tournaments Feb. 27th (girl’s) and March 5th (boy’s)
A card will be sent to Mrs. Herman, with deepest sympathy in the loss of her husband.
Sharle Wilmot announced that Dec. incentive points with Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Cindy Wright’s classes tying for first place. Sharle will take the ice cream for the winning classes next week.
Family Fun Night will be Thursday, March 1st and we plan to serve about 100 – 125 people the menu suggested is soups and grilled cheese sandwiches and cookies.
Class trips were discussed and will go as planned in the budget.
Meeting adjourned at 4:25.
Meeting adjourned at 4:24pm
Vestaburg Elementary P.T.O. Meeting Minutes
Room 1
March 20th ,2012, 3:15 p.m.
A.)Welcome and Introductions
B.)Members present: Sharle Wilmot, Jan Vaughn, Danielle Wright, Kari Ash, Erin Beatty
C.)Treasure’s Report: Current budget $5,573.15
D.)Secretary’s Report: Copy of minutes from February meeting
E.)New Business:
P.T.O. will check into selling spirit items at T-Ball and Softball games
Cotton Candy sale on 3-28-12, Jan Vaughn volunteered to help make cotton candy and flyers will be printed following today’s meeting and distributed to each teacher
Cotton Candy will now be $0.75 per bag.
Spring Musical Bake Sale will be added to agenda for April Meeting
Box tops- P.T.O. will have a box top/ Campbell’s soup label contest starting 4-1-2012
Through 5-11-2012. Winning class will receive ice cream sandwiches.
F.)Old Business:
Frankenmuth Fundraiser money count on 3-29-12 at 2 p.m. in the media center.
Cotton Candy sales will be counted, as well.