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Strategic Plan

The Vestaburg Board of Education has just completed its Strategic Planning initiative.  This document contains the 2018-2023 Vestaburg Community School Strategic Plan. We’re excited about this plan and the possibilities it provides for our students, parents/guardians, and community to improve education at Vestaburg Community School.


The process used to create this plan relied heavily upon input from the various stakeholders in our school and community. Community, parent/guardian, staff and student forums, as well as an electronic survey, resulted in 217 people providing input for the planning process. A Strategic Planning Team of 21 community members, parents/guardians, staff, and students participated in an all-day planning retreat on February 3, 2018.  

Throughout the planning process, the community expressed high expectations for Vestaburg Community School becoming a world-class school district and with all students graduating from high school. Even though some of the goals are extremely high, they reflect the strong desire to embrace significant change and dramatically improve the school system. The goals were broken into 5 areas and are as follows:


The Vision of Vestaburg Community School is to empower all to create and achieve their goals and dreams.

The mission of Vestaburg Community School is to build a foundation and prepare students for their future.

Goal Area 1:  Academics/Programs

Strategic Goal Statement:  Expand learning opportunities that promote growth and increase student achievement.

Goal Area 2: Culture/Learning Environment

Strategic Goal Statement:  Build a learning environment built on a culture of respect.


Goal Area 3: Communication/Engagement

Strategic Goal Statement:  Improve communication and relationships among staff, students, parents, and the community.

Goal Area 4:  Personnel/Leadership

Strategic Goal Statement: Evaluate and structure programs and personnel assignments to enhance personnel and leadership.

Goal Area 5:  Operations

Strategic Goal Statement:  Maintain and improve facilities to provide a safe, clean environment for learning.


We are extremely thankful to everyone who provided input and/or participated in this process.  This work could not have been done without all of your support.

“Collaborating with the Vestaburg Community School Board of Education, administration, staff and the entire community really illustrated their level of care for the school, the community, and most of all, the students.”

Debbie Stair, MASB Assistant Director

of Leadership Development

Strategic Plan Document

Strategic Plan Summary